Advantages of Doing Sport

Advantages of doing sport are a lot. Benefits of doing sport are to keep our body more health and fit. Besides to body, doing sport also benefit to brain, such as to increase the ability of brain works, calm our mind and many more. In addition, it also can make long our life. Many profit that we can get from doing sport habit.
First, doing sport can reduce stress. During exercising, we can stretch the muscle are rigid. The advantage of doing sport can make our mind fresh and reducing stress.
Second, doing sport can increase immune system better. The adrenalin hormone or serotonin is hormone which can increase immune system of many disease attacks such as cough and flu. In addition, with doing sport, these hormones can functioning effectively, so that our immune system will also increase.
Third, doing sport can delay aging process. The next advantage of doing sport is to prevent changes in body which happen as you get older such as sagging skin, wrinkles, etc. Doing sport routinely can help the formation of new cells and prevent wrinkles that cause our skin sagging.
Doing sport habit can increase the ability of brain works. Doing sport able to increase the supply of oxygen in the body, expedite blood circulation in the body especially blood circulation to the brain. Thus can increase the ability of brain be better. Benefit of doing sport this one absolutely helpful us in study or doing work. Shortly, we will be more creative an able to increase our concentrate.
Doing sport also can improve self confidence. The more often a person in the exercise, it will automatically self-confidence will increase. Even a research proves that teens who actively exercise feel more confident than his friends who do not do sports activities. With exercising, we will get health and fit, and exercise also beneficial for our brains to reduce stress levels and improve self-confidence.
And than, doing sport habit can increase feelings of happiness. Many people affected by depression or heart pain use of sedatives as a way out. Now the road to happiness can be achieved naturally by moving your body regularly. Doing sports proven efficacious in improving grower happiness hormone in our brain, such as adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, which is the number one killer heart disease. Exercise regularly for 16 weeks in people who had higher levels of depression that are getting the happy effect.
Benefit of doing sport this one is very advantageous. We will be spared from getting disease risk such as cancer and can reduce the cholesterol which causes of heart attack, lowering the high blood pressure, reducing liver disease risk, kidney also constipation. In addition, it is proven to reduce the risk of death than they who do not doing sport.
There are many benefits that we can get of doing sport. We can get the advantage of doing sport if we do it routinely everyday. Doing sport should not have to require much time, just only 15 to 20 minutes a day is enough to us. With doing sport we can release the fatigue and reflect the muscles tension during work. Besides those, there are many more benefits that we can get from doing sport provided we diligently to do it.